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Protecting Your Family From The Grandparent Scam

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Scam artists know very well that their scams work best on those who are vulnerable and don't know better. Unfortunately, a lot of scams see their most success with our grandparents and elderly ones. O.... read more

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Keep Your Family Safe From Winter Illnesses

Wash Pillow Cases
As we approach winter, we're also unfortunately approaching cold and flu season. Now is the time to take action and keep your family safe from hurtful germs and viruses. There are a lot of different t.... read more

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Blog without Getting Fired

Safe Family Blog
In a few years, job interviews with not require a resume.  With the amount of information that is available online, whether on a blog, facebook, myspace, or twitter account, an employer will be a.... read more

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Great place to find the latest information.

We are always updating this site with new information that can keep your family safe using the internet to post personal information.. read more

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